Our Non Hygroscopic Whey (NHWP) is used in many recipes as
a flavour carrier, and as an economical substitute for a portion of
non-fat milk solids. NHWP is manufactured from fresh Mozzarella
cheese whey, which has been pasteurised and concentrated
before being crystallised under controlled conditions and spray


Customer Reviews

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Heather Attard
Great parmasen cheese substitute

Ive been adding this to all my savoury recipes.
It has a lovely, salty cheese flavour - like parmasen.
Its high protein value means I can bump up my protein intake very easily by sprinkling onto of savoury dishes.

Jane Rothery
NOT Whey powder

Unfortunately I didn’t read the description. This is NHWP, not regular whey powder.
I used it in a recipe calling for “whey powder”, and it ruined the whole batch.
Please change the name of this item so others don’t make the mistake I did.
Wasted my time and money. I will have to bin it.

Charles B Wright
Very Salty

The whey powder tasted fine, I had hoped to use it instead of protein powder, but at 1% salt, it is far too salty for me.

Joanne Bullen
Whey Protein Powder

Delivery was very quick. Unfortunately this product is sweetened, which was very unclear in the description. The nutritional info is on the website but its very small to read.

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