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Navy Beans
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What Are Navy Beans?

Navy beans are also known as haricost, pearl haricot beans, Boston beans, white pea beans and pea beans; they are native to Australia. They got their name from being a staple in the diets of the United States Navy in the early 20th century due to their incredible nutritional value. Navy beans have a mild, savoury flavour and a smooth texture. They are extremely versatile and work perfectly in a wide array of different recipes and dishes. Some of our favourite ways to use navy beans include:

  • Making baked beans from scratch
  • In vegetable or minestrone soup
  • As the base of a lentil and bean salad
  • Adding texture to a hearty chili

Navy beans are also packed with nutritional benefits. They contain fibre, B vitamins, a number of minerals, irno, magnesium, protein, folate and copper; they are commonly regarded as one of the healthiest foods available.

Who Is Nuts About Life?

We are a leading provider of healthy snacks in Australia. We feature a number of authentic Middle Easters foods and ingredients – a nod to our Lebanese roots. We are not only passionate about promoting healthy dietary habits, but also about minimising our carbon footprint as much as we possibly can. This involves using a 100% carbon neutral courier to ship our orders, packing each delivery with sustainable packaging and encouraging all our employees to use recyclable materials whenever possible.

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Place your navy beans order online today and receive quick, cheap shipping to anywhere in Australia. Each of our orders is packed on the day of its delivery and we follow strict quality control measures to ensure you are receiving the freshest products possible. If you have any questions or require assistance ordering, our friendly customer support team is on hand to help you out with whatever you need.

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