If you’re a fan of spicy foods, you’ll love our delicious roasted Wasabi Almonds! These little beauties pack some serious punch. Made with 100% Australian almonds, we use authentic wasabi and traditional blending techniques to give you the perfect mix of spice and flavour. Our Wasabi Almonds are proven to cure the munchies. Believe us — we’ve tried them ourselves! Perfect for entertaining family and friends, these spicy delights are seriously addictive and won't last long! Add some spice to your life. Try our Wasabi flavoured Almonds today! 


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Kerri Ryant
Very Fresh Wasabi Nuts

We were very happy with our recent purchase from Nuts About Life. Delivery was on time, extremely good value, and extremely fresh. Highly recommend.

Wai Keong Chow
Wasabi almonds

Product arrived very quickly. Ok with the taste but for my personal preference, wasabi could be stronger


Absolutely loved them! The flavour was authentic and just the right amount of punch- really hard to find that anywhere in Aus! Also had some outstanding customer service with super fast shipping! All the flavours we ordered were addictive- going to be back for many more!

Taste sensation

I didn't quite know what ti expect from these, as though I like it Wasabi can be somewhat polarising if done badly. But these are top shelf and really sensational. The level of flavouring is just right, there a good amount of umami/savoury flavour as well with ample wasabi that if you scoff a handful too fast you'll get a nice nasal clearing. But if you eat one at a time it's very smooth and doable even for those a little wary of it. The almonds themselves are terrific, very nicely roasted. We've found these go very well with a crisp white wine. Would love to see N.A.L do roasted almonds with other savoury flavours e.g BBQ, PeriPeri or perhaps a spicy middle east spice mix etc. Very good product!

Michael Oberhardt
So good...

Oh wow, I love wasabi, and wasabi treats, and have tried plenty of Japanese wasabi treats like the seaweed, peanuts, peas, and these beat them all hands down. A beautiful dusting, not at all oily, and a lovely BITE.

Omg what am amazing thing to wake up to! I am so so happy you enjoy our wasabi almonds! We use authentic wasabi and traditional blending techniques to achieve an equal distribution of spice and flavour! Thank you so much for your lovely review, we can't wait to pack your next orders!

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