Introducing our Roasted Salted Cashews. The Cashew Nut is originally from the coast of Brazil, where it grows, hanging under the sweet fruit of the Cashew Tree. However, it's delicious flavour was immediately recognised and it  quickly spread, becoming a stable of cuisine in Europe, India and South East Asia. Cashew nuts are gently roasted to improve the flavour and reder the nut safe to eat. Our Roasted Salted Cashews are second to none, roasted to perfection and salted to perfection to provide a tasty snack, or an aid in cooking any of the wide variety of dishes that cashews enhance.


Customer Reviews

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Kim Holm
Cashews and walnuts

Cashews are perfect. My walnuts were returned due to WA quarantine regulations.

Arthur Dougherty

Best quality

Duncan Marshall
Great Quality

Fantastic quality nuts that arereasonably priced and shipped in a jiffy. no more supermarket markup

Solange COURT
Nice and Fresh

My favourite snack, I Love the crunch, I Love the Taste and Salt is just right.

Sevasti Ansell
Crunchy and Salty

Bought the Roasted Salted Cashews for my husband as they are his favourite nuts. He absolutely enjoyed them and said they were the freshest and crunchiest cashews he had had in ages. I will definitely buy them again soon and highly recommend them to anyone who loves cashews.

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