These delicious medjool dates are packed full of captivating flavours and natural energy boosting benefits, helps make these babies and ideal healthy snack.
Medjool dates can easily be enjoyed on their own and have been said to be a good source of dietary fiber and help improve the digestive system.
These delicious dates are light in colour and when held up to the light the seed can be seen right through.
Medjool dates have been called ‘the king of all the dates’ due to their exceptionally large size and large amount of ‘fruit meat’ available within each date. They have an extremely sweet flavour that melts in your mouth and are a considered to be a delicacy in Middle Eastern countries.

No matter how you like to enjoy these delicious dried dates, we can assure you they will taste delicious.

Our delicious Fresh Medjool Dates are processed and packed by our Nutty Team, right here in Melbourne, Australia


Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Gai Gai
simply Delicious

use to sweeten cakes for a sugar free approach...just mash the dates up.

Meiling Kwan
A Superior Product

I only buy from NAL now, as the products are of a high quality and usually very fresh which you don’t always get from some supermarkets.

Jenny Brown

The dates were wonderful, and moist, very enjoyable.



Debbie Cables
Medjool dates

Very happy with them

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