Now Introducing our all natural Isolated Soy Protein Powder - 

Boasting at least 90% pure protein per serve, 2% fats and 1% carbs! Absolutely ideal for vegans needing extra protein.

Isolated soy protein that provides excellent emulsification, emulsion stability properties and has excellent nutritional characteristics.

Soy Protein can be taken with water, juice, smoothies or milks. Generally one scoop is added to 300 - 500mls of liquid. It can also be added to food anytime to boost protein levels.

Our delicious Isolated Soy Protein Powder is processed and packed by our Nutty Team, right here in Melbourne, Australia.


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Five stars - product is acceptable

Unflavoured soy protein. Obviously tastes yuk until you mix it with sweetener and flavours. Ideal in a smoothie. High protein, all essential amino acids. Very fast delivery of product.

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