please note: coriander seeds are whole & broken 

Coriander seeds offer a pleasantly sweet flavour with a hint of lemony zest and are commonly used to compliment the hot and spicy chilli flavours found in curries and soups. They are also incredibly versatile and can easily be used to flavour meat dishes such as sausages and corned beef and taste great when added to yummy cookies, biscuits, breads, homemade crackers and pastries.

Ingredients: Coriander Seed 
Country of Origin: Australia


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Coriander Seeds

I was annoyed at the amount of plastic I was encouraging by purchasing Coriander Seeds from supermarkets so was attracted to buying bulk from Nuts About Life. I was very satisfied with the easily navigable website, prompt delivery and value for money offered by Nuts About Life which will be my go-to from now on when I need herbs, spices and nuts.

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