Thank you for purchasing your goodies from Nuts About Life - Australia's Largest Online Food Store, proudly Aussie family owned!

Storage Recommendations 

Now that you have your goodies in your hand of which have been lovingly hand-packed by our team there are some best practice storage recommendations. 

  1. Keep all goodies away from sunlight in air-tight containers - Our items are packed by hand, heat sealed and packed tight to preserve their longevity. Our goods are natural, and this means once they're opened and air begins to get to them they can be vulnerable. We recommend at this stage transferring our products to air-tight containers, where they can be better protected. 
  2. If possible refrigerate - To extend shelf-life we recommend goods be stored in the fridge. If sufficiently wrapped tight goods such as Nuts can even be stored in the freezer to extend their shelf-life. 
  3. If unsure, let us know - We're Nuts! We've been in this industry since 1962' if you have any concerns, or questions as to storage feel free to give us a call on (03) 9280 8789 we'd love to help!

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