Have you eaten all your ‘Nuts About Life’ goodies and are wondering what to do a happy customer for products packaging with recycled paperwith all your left over packaging bags and want to  contribute to helping our planet earth? 

Feel free to return your used bags to:
"Attn: Nuts About Life 5-11 Wendel Street Brunswick, 3056 Victoria" 

When it comes to our environment, we’re hardly perfect, but we make it a priority to become better informed and endeavor to take the necessary steps to reduce the impact ‘Nuts About Life’ has on the environment.

Currently, we are doing all that we can to reduce our carbon footprint, by shipping our products through Sendle (the only 100% carbon neutral courier company) and push to use recycled paper and minimal packaging within our offices, manufacturing and distribution facilities. 
We recycle all our cardboard boxes, papers, compatible plastics, post bags and are continually looking for new ways to address these concerns while providing our customers with complete satisfaction and safety.


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