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Easy Vietnamese With Tony (See Below for Details)

First Weeks Price = $59.99  (Limited to 12 spots)

Adding passion & fire back into your cooking experience, we are so excited to finally announce the launch of our latest venture.

Offering a series of cooking classes at our Brunswick Retail Store Superhuman Wholefoods. You'll learn how to craft the most famous recipes from all corners of the globe, featuring products supplied directly through NAL.

We're foodies, through & through, it's the honest truth. We want to empower locals with the tools & skills to create gorgeous, healthy food, to share with the gorgeous people you love. We've always been strong believers that food is the cohesion that bonds individuals together, providing for communication which transcends language. 

You'll be guided under the watchful eye of our resident, best selling, universally acclaimed Chef Tony Chiodo. 

Beginning with a series of in person sessions, our intimate 12-person max classes are designed to expand not only your skill-set, but your mind.

Our cooking nights are a curated experience, designed to provide a memorable experience & authentic take-home skills to share with those you love. Enjoy yourself alone, as a couple, with friends & even as a team-building experience with colleagues. 

What you'll receive on the night: 

  • An intro to cooking & home, best practice information on storage, brief introduction to essential culinary skills. 
  • A hand curated fresh box of ingredients, of which you'll be using to cook your dishes.
  • A guided master class on preparing your dish with our resident chef Tony, while a group setting, you will also be provided one-on-one assistance on certain areas. 
  • Once completed we sit & enjoy our creations, bask in each others company. Complete with a glass of wine we sit allowing the conversational juices to flow as we share in the wonderful beauty that is each other. 
  • A goodie bag to take home, complete with a freebies to share with loved ones, discount codes for online shopping & a tailored breakdown of the food of the evening, ingredients, nutritional breakdowns & portion suggestions when recreating the dish.

Surrender to an emotional journey of both taste & passion, we can't wait to welcome you.  

About the Chef - 


Tony is the creator of a unique style of wellness cuisine and a new sensory modality, bodyfood. 
Exploring heartfelt, soulful food through personalized and individualized programs, retreats and internationally acclaimed cookbooks. No stranger to the world of teaching, Tony has provided an array of services from amateur up to specialized services for the most esteemed chefs. 

Tony's unique flavour, blends classical French culinary training, with an Italian heritage and Asian sensitivities. Blending food with your body to create and uncover unique signature flavours to move you into a space of beautiful you! Tony will take your hand as we stir the pot and together develop your new way of embracing food in harmony with your body that will have you feeling and living engaged, alive and joyful!

My aim is to transform your life one mouth full at a time, come join me! 


 Tony's work can be found below

About the Venue - 

Young but mighty,  Superhuman Wholefoods has been serving the Brunswick community since late 2020. Providing locals access to a cornucopia of affordable wholefoods, superfoods, pantry staples & organics, Superhuman's environmentally conscious model provides a scalable solution to the grocery one-use plastic dilemma. 

Leveraging in-house ingredients while boasting a complete kitchen, Superhuman staff prepare an array of fresh meals, smoothies & other items direct to order.

With multiple commercial coffee roasters on-site Superhuman has also provided white label roasting services to a number of local/abroad clients.


Booking - 

To Reserve Your Spot Call on 0413 823 612

Classes will run from 6:30 - 9:30PM Tuesday Nights proving ample time for preparation, lessons & eating. 


22/2/22 Class will involve the following: 
Easy Vietnamese
  1. Chicken and chilli steamed dumplings
  2. Barbecued lemongrass and pork skewers
  3. Prawn and fish coconut curry
  4. Roasted eggplant and mint
  5. Stir fried tofu and peanut salad
  6. Coconut and lime crème caramel