Berry and Tofu Smoothie Bowl
Keep your motivation and energy levels boosted with this incredible smoothie bowl full of nutritious ingredients that will blow your mind! Are you ready... BERRY AND TOFU!
Yep you heard right, @thenourishedchef has created this recipe with our Nuts About Life ingredients. Give it a try and report back to us!

- 300g Organic Silken Tofu
- 1 Frozen Banana
- ¾ Cup Frozen Blueberries
- ½ tsp Pure Vanilla Extract 
- Splash of Canned Coconut Milk

- Frozen Blueberries
- Freshly Sliced Banana
- Chia Seeds 
Hemp Seeds 
Maple Syrup 
- Homemade Granola

1. Add all ingredients to a Vitamix or high-speed blender, and blend on its highest speed, slowly adding the coconut milk until you reach your desired consistency (Less is best for a thicker consistency)
2. Taste and adjust flavour as needed. Divide between two serving bowls and sprinkle over toppings.

COOKING TIPS FROM @thenourishedchef:
1. Ensure you purchase Silken Tofu as regular firmer tofu won’t give the same results.